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Company presentation

Transport and dispatch company CM TRANSPORT TACHOV s.r.o., has been founded on 4th January 1995 as a successor of the company Milan Čmiko, CM Transport, U penzionu 1801 that was founded already in 1991.

The company focuses on providing comprehensive services in both domestic and international transport, domestic and international forwarding, goods declarations and payloads. It provides also storage of goods. It has a long-term experiences with JUST IN TIME supplies.

The company credo is customer satisfaction and fulfilling of commitments, so that the company goodwill would be built and protected. Quality is believed to be the best key to meet customer needs, requirements and expectations. In connection with this reality there was at the end of the year 2008 the Certification of Control Quality System ISO 9001:2000 implemented by Moody International Certification Ltd. Number of certificate 06110809007. Every year we are able to vindicate the certification of quality in the top-grade quality according to ISO regulation 2001:2008.

Today, the company operates 143 vehicles of fore world makes: SCANIA, DAF, MERCEDES, RENAULT, mostly with PANAV and SCHWARZMULLER trailers. It focuses mostly on effective transport of goods with large-capacity vehicles of 90 – 120 m3 and surface capacity of 33 – 38 europalettes with overall tonnage up to 40 tons. 89% of vehicles meet the EURO 5 ecology standard, the remaining 11% meet the EURO 3 standard.

Within domestic truck transport it provides express transport of parcels between collective spots of overall Czech Republic for companies PPL partner DHL. It makes use of special system of exchangeable box-type bodies, allowing for pre-loading, and thus maximum shortening of loading and unloading times.

Dispatching-crew communication is ensured by GSM cell phones. All vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking that monitor vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption and history tracking. If required, we provide the customers with an option of IN - TIME tracking of their consignment via the PC.

If the company ensures the transport dispatch-wise, cooperating transporters (today 32 in total) are carefully selected and examined for quality of provided services.

We run 11,000 sq. meters of storage space in western Bohemia.

We provide parking (even for weekends) in our own closed site.